The largest supplier of clear polycarbonate twinwall in Western Canada.

Image: A 12ft. x 32ft. lean-to greenhouse in Victoria, BC, cedar framed with full dimension lumber featuring clear 8mm polycarbonate twinwall from

Greenhouse, a brand of, is located at #14 - 4970 Polkey Rd., Duncan B.C. in the Erik Melgaarde Industrial Park. Our company is the largest supplier of polycarbonate twinwall on the West Coast. We provide Grade A, 100% Lexan®/Makrolon® material available in 4x8, 4x10, 4x12 and 4x16 foot sheet sizes. Our 8mm thick, clear polycarbonate twinwall is used for custom built greenhouses, cold frames, solariums, gazebos, patio overhangs, window glazing, lightweight office partitions and other gardening and farming applications. Take a quick look at our simple install guide. All of our polycarbonate twinwall is warranted for 10 years and includes a 50um UV layer of protection. We deliver. We custom cut. Our industrial shop in Duncan BC is a full service facility and open to the public by appointment. Text or call 250 888 9982 any time.

Vancouver Island residents can place an order directly from our web site. Additional shipping charges may apply. For example, $35 from Duncan BC to Victoria BC. Duncan to Nanaimo is $45. Shipping charges are collected at time of delivery. Please inquire for cost of shipping to other locations beyond Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. We can ship BC wide. Pickup is available.

1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR, 4x8, 32sq. ft. = $96ea.

1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR 4x10, 40sq. ft. = $120ea.

1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR, 4x12, 48sq. ft. = $144ea.

1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR, 4x16, 64sq. ft. = $192ea.

1 x ClearCO H Channel Sheet Joiner, CLEAR, 12ft. Lengths Only = $19ea.

1 x ClearCO U Channel Sheet End Cap, CLEAR, 12ft. Lengths Only = $12ea.

View/print our simple polycarbonate twinwall install guide.

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